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What is World Emoji Day?

World Emoji Day started in 2014. The celebration was the brain child of founder Jeremy Burge. A year after its inception, #WorldEmojiDay was the top-trending hashtag on Twitter.

July 17 became World Emoji Day because it’s the date in the iOS version of the calendar emoji. (The Apple glyph wasn’t designed with World Emoji Day in mind, as some might suppose.)

So how does one celebrate World Emoji Day?

1. Craft a creative message with emojis


From Fred Benenson on flickr

Look around for inspiration. Check out #WorldEmojiDay on Twitter to see how others are celebrating. Try searching “emoji texts” on Pinterest or Google Images, then craft your own creative message or post.

2. Throw an emoji party

Have some fun with your friends, or use World Emoji Day as an excuse to bring some levity to your workplace. Make an emoji photo booth with masks, props, and wallpaper. Include some emoji treats and games from the sections below. Give your partygoers an opportunity to get creative, and have fun with it!

3. Serve up some emoji treats

There are tons of emoji recipes out there. Lots of them are desserts, and a surprising number are poop-themed.

Emoji food items range from the straightforward (sugar cookies with emoji faces drawn in icing) to the gourmet (french emoji macarons).

See if you can invent an edible emoji creation of your own!

4. Play an emoji game

Hang an emoji piñata or play a round of UNO emoji. Have your partygoers pair up and play “name that tune.” Assign a song to one person on each team and have them transmit it to their partner in emoji form to see who can figure it out first. Use a computer hooked to a TV to play name that movie, celebrity, or any other version of charades. You can also play an online game version of the gameshow Emogenius.


Can you name this movie? From mamojo on flickr

Get creative, get social, and have a wonderful World Emoji Day!